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Last Online: Dec 18, 2016 19:36:07
We are currently testing out a rough version of a user controlled moderated forum tool(s). We have plans to increase the effectiveness of this tool, but as of right now, the tool will allow users to vote a specific thread or post up or down. Each vote will affect the "karma" of the post and/or thread. This is a common tool used on public forums and comment sections of web sites, so many of you will be familiar with the functions of these tools.

Posts, will have a set threshold. A vote down will move the post closer to this threshold and a vote up will move it further away. If the post receives enough votes down to reach or pass this set threshold, it will automatically collapse the post from public viewing. The thread is still accessible to anyone, if they choose to expand the collapsed post. It also still can receive votes up or down, at this point. So, if this "hidden" post receives enough votes up, it will no longer be hidden.

How the Karma will affect a thread is a bit more unique. If the original post of the thread receives a set number of votes down, It will be locked and If it receives enough votes up, it will be unlocked.

The Karma System will be our primary tool for moderating FFA, TT and GD but we will still enforce suspensions for the following rules:

NO Pornography or Horrific Imagery
NO Racism or Hate speeches
NO Pedophilia Comments, Humor, etc.
NO Illegal content
NO Planned attacks on ANY forum or website.

If you are abusing the Karma tool, your personal voting will be turned off.
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Last Online: Oct 30, 2018 13:36:47
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Please note that flooding the FFA forum with spam threads will not be tolerated. Posting duplicates or an obscene quantity of threads, with perceived intent to completely destroy any sort of forum atmosphere that exists here in FFA, will be met with a swift backhand.

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Last Online: Oct 30, 2018 13:36:47
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Pedophilia related comments, humor, etc. will no longer be tolerated and will be enforced with a b1 suspension. Please be cognizant of this rule amendment.
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Last Online: Sep 19, 2020 18:58:24
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Please do not post for banned users in this forum, c8 violations will be given if there are posts for a banned user.
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