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Last Online: Aug 15, 2022 21:10:23
Originally posted by Cowpoker
Odd that your fox and coyote coexist. The coyote and coywolves have eliminated most of our fox population.

Local conservation efforts generally include 150-180 grain

Well, the dens are on opposite sides of the mountain so there's that but then we don't have coywolves down here... yet.

Originally posted by Cowpoker
It's been a crazy year around here Wizz, the exploded coyote population has been a problem for a decade now, more and more cougars and black bears, wolves are a problem, last weekend a deer hunter was recovering a buck by a farm pond and discovered a 3' alligator. He called the DNR, they told him to shoot it so he did. Someone hit an elk with a car in southern MN over the weekend.

Is it Trump? Covid?

Covid. Doubt any animals but human are even remotely interested in a Trump. Covid has caused a strange phenomenon of animals wandering city and town streets way more than usual. I mean, many species have already figured there's no hunting in the more heavily populated areas so they're moving in. I see deer, coyotes, and even the occasional bobcat or mountain lion more in the city than I do out in the country. Lots of small critters to hunt (pets) and food sitting in curbs on the street as well as those that put their petfood outside for their pets. Kinda a gun free zone smorgasbord.

Considering where you live, I suspect it has more to do with the removal of (or lack of) predators that hunt those critters you mention... leaving man who's been more absent from the field lately because of covid.
Originally posted by DigitalDaggers

MN college hockey is back. U of M ranked #1 in the country, U of M Duluth ranked #3, Minnesota State ranked #5

I sincerely hope there is a high school hockey season in MN, dozens or possibly hundreds of kids on the bubble of getting college scholarships may miss out on their opportunity to showcase.

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