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Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Fixed a bug causing deep zone defenders to sometimes choose an invalid intercept point after the ball was thrown
- Fixed/reduced man coverage reaction chance to be more in line with the recently bug-fixed receiver reaction chance (it was sometimes also causing "instant" reaction time)
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Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
This is the first set of updates. There are some more plays and a couple of other things I'll get uploaded tomorrow as I posted, when they're finished and tested.

- Offense playbook now has "all" option for pass distance to show all plays at once
- Added filter on defense playbook for a "shell" selection, to more easily sort out cover 0/1/2/3/4+ plays. I tried my best to categorize and double check all the plays, but it's possible there's one or two that are mislabeled, so please let us know if you find one in the wrong category.
- Moved SS in 5-2 formation to have a more shallow default position
- Fixed play art not showing cover 1 zone for defense play #808 (3-4 Sam Smoke 1)
- Fixed defense play #295 (Nickel Cover 3 Sink) LB alignment to match the play art
- Fixed offense play #308 (Trips WR1 Clearout) to better match the play art
- Renamed some defense plays that were called "cover 6" when they were actually more correctly a "cover 9." Inverted cover 6 variations of those plays have been added in the list below.
- Added new defense plays based on your suggestions:
4-3 C1 Dbl Lurk Edge Fire
4-3 C1 Dbl Lurk Gaps Strong
4-3 C1 Dbl Lurk Gaps Wk
4-3 C1 Robber SS Overload
4-3 C1 SS Lurk Thunder
4-3 C1 CB Man Mike Fire
4-3 C1 CB Man Sam Fire
4-3 C1 CB Man Will Fire
4-4 Cover 2 CB Flats
4-4 2 Will Spy
4-4 Sky DE Contain
4-4 Cloud CB Flats
4-4 Sky QB Spy
4-4 Cover 4 Wk Rush
4-4 Big 2 Over Thunder
4-4 Big Cover 2 Thunder
4-4 Big LILB Spy
4-4 Big 2 Double Lurk
4-4 Big 2 RILB Lurk
4-4 Big 2 LILB Lurk
4-4 Big Cover 6
4-4 Big Cover 9
4-4 Big 2 QB Spy Flat
5-2 Cover 6
5-2 C1 Double Lurk Spy
5-2 Cover 1 Robber Gaps
5-2 C1 Double Lurk
5-2 Cover 1 Robber Under Fire
5-2 Cover 1 Robber Over Fire
5-2 Cover 1 Robber Edge
5-2 Cover 1 Robber LB Flats
5-2 Cover 2 DE Flats
5-2 C2 Double Lurk
5-2 C2 Double Lurk Flats
5-2 Gaps Fire Zone 2
5-2 C2 Double Tigers
5-2 2 Man Lurk QB Spy
5-2 Cover 2 QB Spy
5-2 Sky DE Flats
5-2 Cover 3 FS Tiger
5-2 Cloud Man
5-2 Cloud Man Lurk
5-2 Sky Over Thunder
5-2 Sky Under Thunder
5-2 Sky Thunder
5-2 Cover 4
5-2 Cover 4 LDE Drop
5-2 Cover 4 RDE Drop
5-2 Cover 4 Under Fire
5-2 Cover 4 Over Fire
5-2 Cloud Flat Weak
5-2 Cloud Flat Strong
Dime Cover 6
Dime 3-2-6 Cover 6
Nickel Cover 6
Nickel 3-3-5 Cover 6
Hooty Hoo Block
Edited by Bort on Oct 25, 2021 03:08:37

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
Update #2 details follow. I've still got a few more plays I want to finish up, but I figured I'd get these changes uploaded first, now that I've tested them:

- Added missing play art for 5-2 Cloud Man Lurk
- Moved and resized options on defense playbook editor to better fit all the dropdown options, especially on narrower screen devices like phones.
- Fixed Slot Machine SA description to list the actual activation percentages (30/50/80). These were buffed sometime in the past, but the description was not updated properly.
- Home Town Hero and Road Warrior abilities now also reduce the effects of weather on player skills by 10 or 20% at level 2 or 3.
- Slightly increased bonuses for Inspire Fear SA.
- Slightly increased bonuses and activation chance for First Step SA, and its durations are now set values instead of a range.
- Increased the radius of Rough Cover SA's effect slightly.
- You're Next SA is now powered by Lead Block Awareness, instead of Intimidation
- Added an adjustment to the possible balance loss on a catch, based on pass distance (how far down field). Shorter passes have a little lower possible balance loss, while long passes have a little higher than the previous value. Catches behind the LoS also have additional reduced balance loss across the board. This is all, of course, affected by the receiver's balance rolls.
- Possible balance loss on a catch has been reduced a bit when the receiver is wide open.

The effect of the balance changes means that receivers catching shorter passes will tend to have higher balance after the catch, which makes it easier for them to turn and get moving without falling down, as well as possibly breaking a tackle or two more. Catches behind the LoS and when wide open magnify this effect even more. Of course, the biggest effect will come from the player passing balance check rolls with his balance skill.
Hooty Hoo Block
Edited by Bort on Oct 25, 2021 20:54:40

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
And finally, another batch of plays:

4-3 2 Man Lurk Gaps Fire
4-3 2 Man Thunder
4-3 2 Man Dbl Lurk
4-3 2 Man Dbl Lurk Mike
4-3 2 Man Dbl Lurk Sam
4-3 2 Man Dbl Lurk Will
4-3 2 Man Dbl Lurk Over
4-3 2 Man Dbl Lurk Under
4-3 2 Man Lurk Edge Fire
4-3 2 Man Lurk Over Fire
4-3 2 Man Lurk Under Fire
4-3 2 Man Over Thunder
4-3 2 Man Under Thunder
Nickel Sky DE Contain
Nickel Cloud CB Flats
Nickel Cloud Under Fire
Nickel Cloud Over Fire
Nickel 2 FS Tiger Overload
Nickel 2 FS Tiger Blitz
Hooty Hoo Block

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Fixed an attribute math bug related to snow weather
Hooty Hoo Block

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Added a new Signature Ability for Offensive Linemen: "Absolute Unit." There were no abilities that allowed linemen to use Pass Block Power to turn around a losing pass blocking situation, and this fills that void. This ability is sort of a counterpart to defense's Tunnel Vision ability.
- Slightly increased play action fake strength. Hopefully we can find a nice middle ground power level for it.
- Improved ability for receivers to make sharp cuts with Route Running technique skill, by adding a couple of special handlers specifically for that skill relating to balance loss and turning. This should help them on routes with a lot of direction changes, or drastic direction changes, that currently take too long to develop due to them slowing down heavily on cuts.
- Greatly increased the chances of for a QB to pass a Pass Consistency roll when under pressure on a Screen Pass play, and reduced the threshold the receiver has to travel before he's considered ok to throw to. This should help them not take so many sacks on screen passes from "panicking."
- Fixed Play #282 I form QB Off Tackle Strong to better match play art
- Added the following new O plays to fill out Big I playbook some, and fill in some missing HB screens and rushes in other formations: Big I PA TE Seam Big I WR Slant Big I WR Flag Big I HB Wheel Big I WR Post Big I TE Double Drive Big I HB Screen Right Big I FB Dive Left Big I FB Slam Big I FB Off Tackle Big I FB Off Tackle Wk Big I QB Sneak Left Big I QB Sneak Right Big I QB Off Tackle Big I QB Off Tackle Wk Big I HB Counter Strong Big I FB Screen Left Big I HB Counter Weak Pro Set HB Slam Wk Pro Set HB Screen Weak Diamond HB Screen Strong Pistol HB Screen Weak Pistol HB Screen Pistol Big HB Screen Pistol Strong HB Screen Left Pistol Strong HB Screen

Also, there's been a lot of discussion on making LB's have a higher salary and CB's lower. While I agree this is probably a good idea, we can't just drop it in without giving team owners a chance to adapt their rosters. We could simply swap their values toward the end of next season, but it would also be possible to make players created after a certain time be swapped, and grandfather older players. I'm interested in any feedback for either solution, as far as what feels most fair, and we can look at setting it up for next season. You could chat about this on the discord's GLB2 channel, or just continue the discussion in the current changes thread started by Xars and I'll read through it.
Hooty Hoo Block

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Fixed play art for Pistol Big PA Boot having extra WR
- Fixed a few defense plays with incorrect blitz tags
Hooty Hoo Block

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
Added a special hander to snap reaction code for First Step SA activation, which was having its activation chance sort of artificially reduced by initial starting balance loss from snap reaction rolls. This was not really a bug, but I would say it was not really intended behavior when I dove into looking at it in more depth. Note that this SA doesn't counteract a delayed start from a poor snap reaction roll; it simply gives the player the appropriate movement bonuses when the player does react and start moving.

As we've added more stuff related to balance loss over time, this SA has also gotten somewhat de facto "nerfed" since it requires being on balance to activate and do anything useful. So, I've also slightly reduced the balance needed to activate the ability, so a player who is very slightly off balance, which is pretty common after stopping or turning, can still activate it.
Hooty Hoo Block
Edited by Bort on Dec 19, 2021 07:50:08

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Cornerback salary values have been reduced to match those of LBs
Hooty Hoo Block

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Overhauled field and sprite image generation code to support multi-tone patterned endzone art and custom hex color codes, and fixed a few minor issues with textures along the way. Team settings now has a bunch of new options for customizing your endzones and colors. Note that entered hex codes may have their values automatically adjusted to sane ranges if you enter colors that are super bright or super dark, because oversaturated colors tend to work poorly when filling in and shading the player sprites. For best results, use colors with a HSV value between 15 and 235 out of 255.
- Zone Shark SA now works in any zone coverage, but its activation chance and level 1 & 2 duration have been reduced since it is now relevant essentially every play for a lot of players.
- Contain Expert SA now lasts the rest of the play when it activates, and has been reclassified as "passive." Level 3 activation chance also slightly increased from 75% to 80%.
- Adjusted several underutilized traits to provide more value. A script will be running to add SP to affected players, and any players with these traits will also get a respec added to them.
-- Strong Base Trait adjusted to give a litle bit bigger bonus to balance, and a little less penalty to quickness
-- Spring Board Trait's vertical and diving bonuses increased, and it now grants a small bonus to quickness as well
-- Long Reach and Ball Hawk Traits now provide a bigger bonus to their positive skills, and no longer penalize salary
-- Scat Back Trait now also provides a bonus to Receiving Consistency
-- TE Receiving Specialist Trait now also provides a small bonus to Receiving Consistency
-- Nerves of Steel and Soft Hands Traits now also provide a bonus to Receiving Consistency, and no longer penalize salary
-- Return Specialist Trait's Return Awareness bonus greatly increased
-- Active Hands Trait's bonuses doubled
- Power Tackling and Tackling Grip SP cost modifier reduced for CBs a bit. Point refunds for this will also be handled by a background script.

I will also be adding on one extra day to this offseason to allow enough time for scripts to finish up what they are doing, and for players to adjust any builds they want to.
Hooty Hoo Block

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Reworked QB checkdown handling to favor first and second checkdowns for a longer duration (especially the first checkdown), waiting for routes to develop more, before working down to 3rd/4th or 5th
- Added a special QB handler to spot a wide open receiver, even if he's not the current checkdown, if he's in an advantageous position such as near or beyond a first down or has made decent progress downfield, or if the QB is under heavy pressure (so he can dump to a wide open HB short, etc). Awareness/consistency rolls apply.
- Increased the range the QB is willing to try to pass beyond the target's current position, to help him find better leading angles. This calculation has also been updated to favor leading along the player's current trajectory more.
- Improved some aspects of QB's targeting calculation to better throw "where the defenders aren't." The pass accuracy check difficulty for this has also been increased a bit.
- Increased difficulty of zone defender reaction roll a bit, making it a little harder to react to the pass early
- Increased difficulty of pass interception chance roll a bit, especially when facing away from the ball
- Decreased difficulty of pass deflection rolls when fellow defenders are nearby
- Reworked some pass block disengagement related code to better allow handling of pass rush deflection opportunities when the ball is passed. This ties into the new Hands Up SA listed below. I may still bump up or tweak the base chance for this in the future.
- Moderately reduced energy loss for QB when handing off the ball to a running back
- Slightly reduced passive energy loss for QB dropback movement
- Moderately increased energy loss from breaking through or dragging a tackler, especially when they are heavy
- Slightly increased effect of energy on balance
- Base chemistry bonus for the first 6 days of the season doubled
- Moderately increased Pump Fake SA's fake chance at higher levels
- Third Down Stopper SA activation chance increased from 20/35/60 to 25/45/75, and it now also grants a bonus to pass rush deflection
- Chip Shot SA now grants bonus kick accuracy at level 2 and 3
- First Step SA now drains far less energy, especially at level 2 and 3
- Added new SA for pass rushing defenders: Hands Up
- Added new SA for QB: Sideline Bomb
Hooty Hoo Block

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Decreased the pressure needed to trigger dump offs to wide open players a bit in the newly added QB handler, as it seemed to be a little too difficult for it to trigger before the QB would just be sacked anyway. This threshold could also potentially be expanded to a QB player tactic in the future, if it proves to be contentious.
- Added a likely fix for a long-standing bug where a forced fumble could sometimes be counted as a knocked loose long after a pass was caught, if it occurred in very particular circumstances as the player was falling down or diving. This has proved difficult to reproduce, but hopefully this fix finally does the trick!
Hooty Hoo Block
Edited by Bort on Apr 1, 2022 01:21:07

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Fixed some math related bugs with Streaky SA's modifier to base kick difficulty, which resulted in its bonus not always applying properly
- Added a new SA for return specialist players: Returner Rush. It functions sort of similarly to "Surge," but for returners nearing the defense
- Added a new Depth Chart option for Use Backups setting: "Aggressively" - this will swap players to try and choose somebody with energy as close to 100 as possible, like pickup games do.
- Contain Expert SA now also grants a Footwork bonus
- Reduced the max running speed bonus from lv 2/3 Cover Expert SA by a couple of percentage points
- LB Blitzer trait now also reduces the cost of Snap Reaction
- WR Shifty trait now also reduces the cost of Balance
- WR Dominator trait's Power Running reduction increased, but salary modifier increased as well
- Reduced the SP cost of Power Running for WR, TE, and QBs a little
- Reduced the SP cost of Strip Technique across the board a little
- Increased the difficulty of existing Pass Awareness roll checks somewhat, and added an extra to defender threat calculations, to increase Pass Awareness' importance in finding an open target. The updates last season to improve QB checkdowns and wide-open man targeting probably made things too easy for low awareness QBs, so this should increase the "entry cost" to taking advantage of those updates.
- Increased difficulty of Coverage Technique rolls a bit when changing direction to cover a receiver, making it easier to lose balance
- Added an extra very difficult roll to avoid fumbling from a power tackle while rushing, so players with very high grip score have an extra chance to hold on to the ball
- Reduced cushion given by man coverage slightly, to allow for speedy receivers to achieve a little more separation and better defenders to stick closer
- Reduced difficulty of zone coverage reaction roll, to an intermediate value closer to what it was before the last update to it
- Fixed FG Pct not displaying properly in various stats listings

Trait and skill cost updates will require a script to run over time to update existing players and give them any owed SP; I'll be starting that soon. Trait salary modifier changes should only apply to new players who have not had a salary calculated and cached yet.
Hooty Hoo Block
Edited by Bort on May 22, 2022 05:11:31

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Community offense and defense tutorial videos added to Offense/Defense tactics pages. Thanks go to Kvothe27, Xars, and ThePh33P for these videos!
- Added a small heart-based modifier to player-vs-player morale interactions, on top of the usual intimidation and toughness roll off. Heart previously only affected morale values for non-versus situations, such as giving up points or dropping a pass. This change should make heart a bit more universally impactful for morale, and I think probably clears up some confusion.
- Filled out inside QB running plays for all formations, since many were missing these options to keep defenses honest. Along the way I also cleaned up a few existing draw and slam plays to work better. Strong I QB Sneak Strong I QB Sneak Left Weak I QB Sneak Weak I QB Sneak Left Pro Set QB Sneak Pro Set QB Sneak Left Singleback QB Sneak Left Singleback Trips QB Sneak Singleback Trips QB Sneak Left Singleback Spread QB Sneak Singleback Spread QB Sneak Left Singleback Big QB Sneak Singleback Big QB Sneak Left Goal Line QB Sneak Goal Line QB Sneak Left I QB Draw I QB Draw Left Weak I QB Draw Weak I QB Draw Left Big I QB Draw Big I QB Draw Left Pro Set QB Draw Pro Set QB Draw Left Diamond QB Draw Singleback QB Draw Singleback QB Draw Left Singleback Trips QB Draw Singleback Trips QB Draw Left Singleback Spread QB Draw Singleback Spread QB Draw Left Singleback Big QB Draw Singleback Big QB Draw Left Goal Line QB Draw Goal Line QB Draw Left Weak I QB Slam I QB Slam I QB Slam Weak Big I QB Slam Big I QB Slam Weak Pro Set QB Slam Pro Set QB Slam Weak Diamond QB Slam Diamond QB Slam Weak Singleback QB Slam Singleback QB Slam Weak Singleback Trips QB Slam Singleback Trips QB Slam Weak Singleback Spread QB Slam Singleback Spread QB Slam Weak Singleback Big QB Slam Singleback Big QB Slam Weak Goal Line QB Slam Goal Line QB Slam Weak Shotgun QB Draw Left Shotgun QB Slam Weak Shotgun Trips Wk QB Draw Left Shotgun Trips Wk QB Slam Shotgun Trips Wk QB Slam Weak Shotgun Spread QB Slam Shotgun Spread QB Slam Weak Shotgun Spread QB Draw Left Shotgun 5WR QB Draw Left Pistol QB Draw Pistol QB Draw Left Pistol Big QB Draw Pistol Big QB Draw Left Pistol Big QB Slam Pistol Big QB Slam Weak Pistol QB Slam Pistol QB Slam Weak Pistol Strong QB Draw Pistol Strong QB Draw Left Pistol Strong QB Slam

- Added a few passing plays to Goal Line formation. If these prove to be problematic, we'll revisit them. Goal Line TE Hooks Goal Line PA Spot Goal Line TE Flags Goal Line PA Flags Goal Line Cross Drags

I am also open to any player suggested offensive plays you'd really like to see. If you have access to Photoshop, the base offense play art template is located at , but any format is acceptable, since I usually have to create the play art to matching specs anyway. You can post any ideas in the Changelog suggestion thread at or hang on to them for a future season's suggestion post.
Hooty Hoo Block
Edited by Bort on Jul 13, 2022 10:04:55

Last Online: Aug 12, 2022 00:32:29
- Fixed bug where GLTE was not being considered as a possible man coverage target
Hooty Hoo Block

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