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Player Creation

First you must choose what position you would like to create. There are three different tiers of positions to choose from and they vary by flex point cost.

Tier 1(150 Flex): QB, HB, LB
Tier 2(100 Flex): FB, WR, TE, CB, FS, SS, DE
Tier 3(50 Flex): OT, G, C, DT, K, P

The flex point cost is for initial creation and for every SP boost (Up to 12). So for a fully boosted QB you are going to be paying 150 flex for creation and 150x12 for all the SP Boosts.

If you create your player in the middle of a season I recommend checking the "Experienced" box to make sure your player is on par with the rest of the rookie players in regards to skill points.

*New players get one free player. For your free player it doesn't matter what position you pick because they are all free! The SP boosts are free also, so boost your free player! I see plenty of free players that don't even use the free boosts which is just a waste. You can use the first two SP boosts after creation and the rest become available two at a time after each season.*

The most important part of player creation is the initial allocation of attributes and traits. The way you pick your attributes and traits will determine your skill caps and skill costs for all skills. *Pro tip* Attributes can go below 5!!! Many new players make the mistake of having all attributes at 5 or higher. Every single point matters, so spend wisely. If you are making a pocket QB there is no reason to leave speed at 5. Take speed down to 1 and spend those points in another area that will increase your passing caps. You can play around with the build by creating, retiring and recreating until you get caps that you like.

The easiest way to play around with builds until you get what you are looking for is the GLB2scout website.
This site is good for coaching and player building, but it does cost money.

I will go into further detail on attributes for each position in the posts below.

Advertising Your New Player

After creating your new player it is best to sign him to a CPU team. This will ensure that your player keeps up with the rest of the rookies in regards to skill points. While on a CPU team you can still sign a contract to any human controlled team. The real fun in this game is through joining human controlled teams and connecting with other agents. Make sure your new player is visible for rookie owners to see. Many owners and coaches will want to see your players build before sending a contract so I highly recommend opening your build while you are searching for a team. This can be done on your player page by going to Settings > Attribute Sharing > Everyone can view my player's attributes.

You can advertise your new player in the players looking for teams forum:
You can check out teams that are looking for players in this forum:
You can also create an advertisement in the marketplace:


Every contract in this game expires at the conclusion of the season. One season at a time. There are three types of contracts: Low, Medium and High. All players should expect to receive a medium contract. Teams have a salary caps, so most of their players will need to be on medium contracts. A medium contract is a normal contract and gives no bonuses or penalties. A high contract gives a bonus of +25 heart and a low contract causes chemistry to cap at 50.

Player Advancement

Every new player starts off as a rookie, which is the lowest level. Each season in GLB2 is 30-32 games. 14 League games, 16 Ladder games and 0-2 playoff games. After completing a season with your player he will graduate to the next level.

Here are the levels:

Once your player reaches veteran he no longer gains SP. You can prolong your players career by purchasing Career Boosts. Your player can play up to 4 seasons at veteran and then he will become a legend. Once your player becomes a legend he can no longer play for human teams. You can just retire the player or sign him to a legend team to play against other legends. The Legend teams and leagues are all CPU ran.


"Every time you have a player complete a career tier, you earn 1 point toward the appropriate superstar bar on your home page. When a bar fills up, you can create a superstar player of that type. You cannot have more than 1 of each type of superstar at a time, and you do not earn superstar points in the associated type while you have a superstar player of that type"

Career tier equals completing a season. Superstar players have a 20% reduction to all skill points and accumulate 10,000 more SP's and 3 more AP's over their career. Key things to remember about superstars: You can only have one superstar per superstar tier at a time, so you can not accumulate superstar points while you have a superstar, you don't accumulate superstar points for vet players and you don't earn them if your superstar goes legend.
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What do the attributes increase?

In order of importance
/ = Tied

Pass Technique: Agility, Confidence, Strength/Stamina
Pass Power: Strength, Confidence
Drop Back Grip: Strength, Confidence, Stamina
Drop Back Power: Strength, Confidence, Stamina
Pass Accuracy: Agility, Awareness
Pass Consistency: Confidence, Stamina
Pocket Awr: Agility, Awareness, Speed, Stamina
Pass Awareness: Awareness

Carrying Grip: Strength, Confidence, Awareness/Stamina
Elusive Running: Agility, Awareness, Speed
Return Awr: Awareness
Power Running: Strength, Confidence/Stamina
Carry Awr: Awareness

Route Technique: Agility/Awareness
Receiving Hands: Awareness/Confidence, Agility, Strength
Receiving Grip: Strength, Confidence, Awareness/Stamina
Receiving Consistency: Confidence, Stamina
Route Elusiveness: Agility, Awareness, Speed/Confidence
Catch in Traffic: Strength, Confidence, Awareness
Receiving Awareness: Awareness

Pass Blk Tech: Agility, Speed/Awareness, Strength
Pass Blk Awr: Awareness
Run Blk Power: Strength, Confidence, Stamina
Lead Blk Awr: Awareness, Agility/Speed
Pass Block Pwr: Strength, Stamina/Confidence
Run Block Tech: Agility, Strength, Awareness/Confidence
Run Block Awr: Awareness
Block Consistency: Confidence


Balance: Agility, Confidence
Quickness: Agility
Vertical: Agility, Confidence
Conditioning: Stamina, Confidence
Footwork: Agility, Awareness/Confidence
Sprinting: Speed
Diving: Agility, Confidence
Toughness: Confidence, Stamina, Strength

Snap Reaction: Awareness, Stamina
Intimidation: Confidence, Strength
Heart: Confidence
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Pass Rushing
Pass Rush Tech: Agility, Speed, Awareness
Pass Rush Defl: Awareness, Agility
Pass Rush Power: Strength, Confidence, Stamina

Pass Coverage
Man Awareness: Awareness
Coverage Tech: Agility, Awareness/Speed, Confidence
Intercepting: Agility, Awareness, Confidence
Zone Awareness: Awareness
Deflecting: Agility, Awareness, Strength/Confidence

Tackling Tech: Agility, Awareness, Stamina/Strength/Confidence
Strip Technique: Agility/Awareness, Strength
Power Tackling: Strength, Confidence, Speed
Tackling Grip: Strength, Confidence, Stamina/Agility

Break Run Block: Agility, Awareness/Speed, Confidence
Hold Ground: Strength, Confidence
Def Consistency: Confidence
Blitz Awr: Awareness
Pursuit: Awareness, Confidence

Kick Accuracy: Agility, Awareness, Confidence
Kick Consistency: Confidence, Stamina
FG Power: Strength, Confidence
Kickoff Power: Strength, Speed/Confidence

Punt Hands: Awareness, Agility, Confidence
Punt Power: Strength, Confidence
Punt Accuracy: Agility, Awareness, Confidence
Punt Consistency: Confidence, Stamina
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Any questions, ask away!
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You need to stress the free boosts on free players. I still see new agents not boosting their free player.


Last Online: Jun 19, 2017 13:43:14
Small notes, retiring a Free Player (if you decide you don't like his build) does not get rid of your Free Player slot. You can retire and recreate a Free Player as many times as you want.

Your first player is probably built wrong, no shame in it, everyone's first player usually has Traits that don't quite fit together, or Attributes too low for the end game (such as Stamina at 1). I think 95% of the time, I'd advise new players to contact owners trying to develop a roster for a new team, ask them how they want such and such position built, and then retire your Free Player in order to create a new one that fits a human teams identity or plan.

Having a super awesome blocking TE isn't going to be contributing well on a team that wants to pass the ball the majority of the time. Don't be shy, ask people creating a new team what the offense is and what the players need to have.

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