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Last Online: Aug 31, 2018 22:47:40

hello community!
im a returnee (after 4yrs, i think?) and thought i'd check up on glb after so long.

since it has been such a long time, i am unfamiliar with the changes etc since then. so here i am, asking everyone how this te compares to the current times - what im doing wrong and such.

i've tried comparing this te against 2-3 free agents i saw from the marketplace, and im kinda weirded out with the difference. would someone be kind enough to explain what happened, with quite a big difference in the stats considering they are of higher level + boosted 2x?

lv 10te (boosted twice)
Route Technique 15
Route Elusiveness 11
Receiving Hands 14
Catch in Traffic 14
Receiving Grip 14
Rec Awareness 16
Rec Consistency 15

Pass Blk Tech 10
Pass Blk Power 10
Pass Blk Awr 16
Run Blk Tech 11
Run Blk Power 11
Run Blk Awr 17
Lead Blk Awr 14
Block Consistency 17

Carrying Grip 18
Power Running 8
Elusive Running 8
Carrying Awr 15
Return Awr 13

Balance 14
Footwork 11
Quickness 25
Sprinting 37
Vertical 12
Diving 12
Conditioning 13
Toughness 16

Snap Reaction 17
Heart 11
Intimidation 12

My Signature Abilities
First Step

Conditioning needs to be like 45+
Balance needs to be like 45+
Then focus on Rec Hands, Catch in Traffic and receiving consistency

Something like this...

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