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Last Online: Apr 22, 2019 20:38:56
Figuring out the good happy-medium for accuracy and power at these positions isn't easy--and creating special teams-dedicated dots isn't very "sexy". Kicking and punting have undergone some fairly drastic changes over the past few seasons, and it doesn't seem like there are many dots that really stand out much more than any other. One way to change this is to increase the "base-level" accuracy for both positions but to increase the importance of being hurried by defensive pressure and to introduce kick and punt blocking with something along the lines of a pass-deflection roll.


1. It would expand the range of "acceptable" meta builds. Let's be honest. The "Towering Man" experiment some d-linemen used a while back is effectively dead. It can be made a relevant skill again by allowing it to be used on special teams.

2. Special teams coordinators would have an incentive to not just plug-and-play a random assortment of backups.

3. Dedicated non-returner specialists can be a thing. Blitzing LB specialists? How about ball-hawking special teams leapers?

4. Increase importance of more than the core 4-5 skills for kickers and punters. For years, you'd occasionally see a forum post from new players wondering about skills like Snap Reaction, Balance, Sprinting, etc. for their new kicker and punter dots. Not only would this change allow these to increase in importance in order to get the ball out before the pressure, but it would add some importance to Toughness and maybe Intimidation as well, making the morale game another interesting thing for teams and coordinators to consider.

Interested to know everyone's thoughts on this. I think it could add a really interesting element to the game that hasn't yet really been explored.

Last Online: Apr 22, 2019 20:31:13
Yeah, I've never understood why field goals and punts can't be broken up like any other play is.

Last Online: Apr 22, 2019 22:55:35
Kicking is already super difficult in the game.

This kicker has 98 accuracy and 90 consistency and he can't even make a 20 FG
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