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Last Online: May 11, 2019 22:21:54
Hey all. Dunno how big the user base is these days, but I'm hoping there are enough people left willing to help Deadman come true. It won't be Wonderland, Genesis, or Odyssey this time around. It'll be a much bigger and faster team than the previous ones, with much more creative play calling (hence the purpose of EMCC, to test out 3-4 defenses and dot creation on both sides of the ball). Welcome to the official recruiting thread of Deadman Elysium

Stars: HB, WR, TE, SS, FS, CB, LB (if possible. if space is left then either another WR or LB)

Other Noteworthy Positions: Pocket QB, Athletic oriented OLBs, Crashing ILBs, Slot CB, Free Range Safety (I use one on EMCC, plays backup to both safety positions and as an ILB. Amazing production, starts nowhere yet ends seasons with starter stats). Possibly a receiving/shifty HB

Fill below what positions you would like to build and I'll PM you further details on what you would expect as far as body type, PT, production, etc.
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Last Online: Jul 23, 2019 11:56:51
I have all 3star positions open. PM me

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