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Last Online: Sep 19, 2020 23:07:15
I've opened his build -

Just looking for some judgement. I know pure passer isn't really the meta but just wondering how he could be better/different

Last Online: Sep 19, 2020 18:42:35
It depends on your system and what you expect from your QB. All of my QBs have always been Pocket Passers. I rarely if ever run with my QB. I suppose that if I had a S* QB then I would make him dual threat.
I would suggest focusing on these skills first...
Pass Tech, Pass Accuracy, Pass Consistency, Heart, Leadership and you might as well max his stamina, then...
Pass Awareness and Pass Power.

Last Online: Sep 20, 2020 00:11:45
For starters I'd get Pocket Awr, Heart, and Leadership all in the 40-50 range for a minimum value. After that I would get Toughness 20-30 so he can withstand some blitzes. Then get Conditioning in the 50-60 range. After all that I would focus on getting Pass Tech into the 80s. Pass Power I am not a fan of going much below 50.

The last three big traits you want to address are Consistency, Accuracy, and Awareness

Pass Consistency I would personally prioritize before Accuracy and Awareness.

Also, I recommend switching his tactics off from scrambling. Moving has a negative impact on Accuracy until you Gold Star On the Run.
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