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Last Online: Sep 21, 2020 22:43:55
I'm looking to make a balanced S* LB. Able to defend the run and also defend the pass.

I've made LBs and CBs before, but the last time I made a CB was before sure-footed existed. I know CBs use it, but how important is it to get sure-footed to gold? I want to take on TEs man to man.

For SAs I'm thinking Shed Block to gold for sure. Then it's some combination of Closing speed, Brick Wall, Monster hit, and Sure-footed. Maybe Sure-footed to gold and then brick wall and closing speed to silver?

What SAs would you choose?

Last Online: Sep 21, 2020 20:30:14
I haven't tried SF on a LB.

Personally I think Closing Speed is a more effective way to beat defenders than Shed Block. I would also think Monster Hit would help you in pass defense as well as run support.

So I would vote Closing Speed, Monster Hit, and Sure Footed
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