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Last Online: Sep 20, 2020 01:04:03
Hello everyone.

Im a new returning player, having enjoyed GLB1.

Im building HBs and finding it hard, in pickup games, to draw conclusions about optimal builds.

So Id really appreciate hearing from experienced players - what HBs are you building? Elusive or power HBs?

And what skills and SAs would you emphasise in either scenario?

Last Online: Sep 3, 2020 20:02:31
Similar to you i returned from GLB1 a long time ago. I am trying to build elusive speed back to see what may work. So far he is better punt returner than running back with base skills so far. I think footwork and balance is what i need to focus on next.

Last Online: Sep 19, 2020 18:42:35
Here is how I build my regular elusive backs...

Power back something like this...

Check this out...

Last Online: Sep 19, 2020 17:54:39
I've dinked around with HBs for a long time now, since I tend to make only free players outside of DTs.

If you need any advice, feel free to add me - be aware, I like to experiment and play on the edge - but I do a decent job with any kind of build - Power, elusive, combo - I'm probably better at the last two than the first.

Right now I'm favoring combo backs that focus on mobility. So that's a thing.
aka - Atatakakunai

Last Online: Sep 19, 2020 13:08:27
My contribution was a non-S* power back who was usually on the Special Teams MVP chart for returning, and had a good YPC when he subbed for the S*:

(I hope the build is open...)
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Last Online: Sep 20, 2020 01:04:03
Thank you all for your help - much appreciated.

Raid: I'll be in touch.

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