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Last Online: Sep 21, 2020 21:01:02
Need suggestions on base attributes, height, size, what should i focus on with his build?

Last Online: Sep 21, 2020 12:43:38
s lot of the time people will make builds for a teams specific needs. if your just building to get back into then its personal preference. Guards i like making pure pulling blockers. get that speed and quickness up to get them out in front of outside rushers, also having them lead specialist make them more of a threat on Kick and Punt return teams. lead blocking awareness is mainly whats used in KOR/PR until they get right up until they initiate the blocks
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Last Online: Sep 22, 2020 00:16:17
I always thought it was weird that blocking technique is hurt by both being short and being heavy. I can understand footwork for being heavy, but technique is always easier to pull off if you are planted better, and the weight can help. It's not inherently a weight thing at all though - and the game makes it so.

Some of the best technique blockers I've seen were shorter, because being taller tends to lead to less fine dexterity, which is basically what tech is all about. Taller guys are favored on o-line for 2 main reasons:

1. It lets LBs and Safeties see the backfield less.

2. It focuses d-linemen on the guy in front of them instead of giving them a clear view over their heads to try and swat a pass down.

And to a lesser extent:

3. Tall guys weigh more in general and present more of an obstacle even if they get beat.

But, with the way this game works - 1+2 don't matter for shit - so using short guys *should* be quite viable here, aside from overall weight making them less 'powerful' since they can't reach the same weight... but then also, they are punished with a loss of technique and a higher cost for it.

So while in reality, a short guy on offensive or defensive line would have to battle it out in technique and keeping his guy engaged - here they are literally gimped in that regard.

So imo, best bet is to go as tall as you can, as heavy as you can. Maintain some of the cost reduction on tech that you can, while ensuring you don't get pancaked each time from being a feather.
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