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Originally posted by o The Boss x
I have no idea what you're arguing Xars, but it's good to see you back.

Idk why we're throwing SAs into the mix but I guess to counter: Monster Hit gives +15 power tackling +morale/energy hit, Death Grip gives 100% bonus to tackling grip, and Brick Wall gives +12 power tackling and stops all momentum. It's not like there aren't SAs to stop power runners, there are a fuckload of really good ones.

Also, power backs aren't running on the Power rushing setting or even the North/South setting (so they aren't even getting that +power boost) because doing so compromises all outside running viability. It's the same with elusive runners - I'd argue that most elusives shouldn't be on elusive running because they run out of bounds too much.

As much as you want to think power tackling is a "natural counter" to power rushing, it will never be true. There are more attributes than just power tackling that help you counter power rushing, just as there are more attributes than just power running that help you break a tackle.

The discussion, though, was aimed toward early tier power rushing, which is pretty much nonexistent. It's decent for dragging a carrier a yard or two when PT fires, but not much more than that. Even in seasoned I have some guys on base tackling skills (with high pursuit) and they only struggle with elusives.

Side note: I'd be interested to see what a carry awareness boost and return awareness boost would look like on runners since both power carry style and elusive carry style seem to be sub-optimal.

I would think its also not just Power Tackling as the counter- it's Balance, Tackling Tech, Tackling Grip, Conditioning, Toughness, Heart, Def Consistency that all come into play

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