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Last Online: Dec 4, 2020 00:58:19
Originally posted by dlcurt
frick, already have a tough time slowing down HB, thus my loss to Rebels!

Ladder is going to be very interesting
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Last Online: Dec 4, 2020 18:27:11
I have focused on fixing a few harder to track down bugs with this patch (the first one of these had me quite frustrated for a while trying to recreate it and find a fix, but I finally tracked it down ).

- Fixed an occasional bug where a certain type of broken tackle, during a specific window, in certain plays, would cause the ball carrier to be assigned a target location of 0, which would make him run out of bounds.
- Also improved logic after breaking a tackle during certain scripted actions, so the ball carrier can go into creative running mode earlier.
- Fixed/improved some play calling logic for end of quarter 2, especially as related to clock management during a FG attempt. A team kicking a FG near end of half should now do a better job of running out the clock, or hurrying up as necessary to get in range.
- Improved the logic related to direction and timing of juke ability usage, so the ball carrier will better go away from defenders. Also reduced the first opposite-direction sidestep motion's duration and distance so the motion is smoother and less likely to get caught up in random traffic.
- Fixed a couple of abilities where internal data on min/max duration were incorrect. This was pretty minor (like 1 or 2 ticks) and will probably not be noticeable.
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