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I bet a good deal of that is the timing of the lockdown tho that is pandemic. Hope Sega does not get overly comfortable in carrying my $ so far. Nearly all of that was purchasing multiples of the packages trigger those are actually bargains. Now that it is over, I am just going to mainly pay for premium (after my backlog of these runs out).

Good. The MS Shop horror show might have tarnished the western launching of the game like they're beyond that, but it looks and it is doing well on Steam. Here's hoping the achievement proceeds beyond the holiday period. I totally support these monetization efforts by Sega and expect it means we will find more PSO related titles at the west, and even more Sonic stuff again provided that Sega continues to get gain.

As someone who generally does not whale out to a match like this, I've played entirely F2P, and played it as a"only purchase stock space and nothing else". Because I dumped on AC Scratch like 20 currently I myself and I maintain in premium for the additional 20 customer order slots and superior storage. Closer, but still less than the price of a brand new game for the majority of what I've spent PSO2 vs the amount of time I spend playing it.

Oh I meant to make it seem like a slider bar from 0 to subway, stating the more I go without spending any more money, and that I'm probably at just over the halfway point, the further I will be. I've probably spent like 90-150 bucks so far on PSO2 since I purchased the sonic edition, then 30 dollars worth of inventory/stash space, then dropped like 20 within an ac scratch and topped up a few arks coins to keep on hand for hammering premium every 3 months.

Less than if I'd bought a new game every month that I've been playing PSO2 NA (since PC launching ) but still more than I'd have spent a normal brand new title. Closer to subway compared to spare, but I am not whaling heh. I played free in jp then figured out how AC could charge through PSO2es the telephone game, so got enough for superior and stock space on that. Definitely did not whale there either.

There is a very cheap PSO2 Meseta at

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