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Last Online: Dec 5, 2020 15:52:15
Originally posted by Detroit Leos
I seem to recall doing a higher footwork/quickness/balance PUP at one point a long time ago and noticed the spin was a bit faster. Ultimately the PUP player had essentially no sprint to go along with it. But yeah, it should be a monster SA for combo backs. I think the issue is the amount of time that it is active combined with how defenders handle it. The approaching defender just seems to wait until the HB is done with his spin to tackle him. At that point, the boost to elusive and power rushing is gone.

It is an SA that I always wanted to make work, but there are only a couple of real extreme scenarios that may make it decent right now outside of a Cordog / Bort adjustment on the SA itself which is likely what is needed.

I do believe that many positions could use multiple quality SAs to play with which would hopefully lead to more diversity in player building possibly. For many positions, there are only a couple of SAs that are no brainer choices and maybe not even a 3rd SA that does a whole lot. If more SAs were able to actually be effective as they could be when you read them, then we could see a boom in player builds diversifying again which I believe would be fun. One of the best parts of this game is coming up with and testing out player build theories after all.

It did get significantly better with the changes about 4 seasons back, but was still just a 'less effective juke'

now that juke fires way less, I wonder if spin may be slightly more useful than it once was.

I still am not a fan of how spin can only fool one defender at a time, same as juke, but juke is done so fast it doesn't cause too much problem with pursuit. spin wins the battle at the cost of the war more often than not. You get by the one guy, but then you have 3 more tackles you have to beat.

Could be better now, who knows. Guess I'll have to run some test backs after I get done with the current power guy.

Or, I could see what spin can do on a powerback with some minor elusive investments
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