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Last Online: Dec 5, 2020 06:32:53

Going through a past offensive game plan and I noticed few things like this on both sides. Could the play knowledge bonus between a S* QB and a star HB be different? How does it match up against defensive play knowledge?

Pathing on defense seems a bit meh to me lately so I canít really tell whatís play knowledge vs whatís misstep
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Last Online: Dec 5, 2020 12:11:58
I can't find the thread at the moment, but there was a discussion about the "Scholar" trait.

Corndog chipped in and the impression I got was that knowledge has an effect similar to chemistry. The more knowledge you have the better your players play.

How that translates to the field though is up to interpretation.

One thing I did learn is that knowledge is uncapped. A player can still accumulate play knowledge even after reaching gold.

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