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Last Online: Feb 28, 2021 18:02:44
So I've noticed on many peoples profiles they will have a display of trophies/championships in the middle between agent info and custom user notes. My question is, why do I have Beta 30 support as a trophy when I've won a couple of MVP's and a few championships yet those aren't displaying?

I've noticed other players have these displayed on that mantle I described earlier, but I got nothing. Is this because I wasn't the owner of the team?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Last Online: Mar 1, 2021 03:56:43
IDK exactly what your case is, but the rings signify player trophies, and MVP etc. As an owner or some type of GM you get the trophies you are describing. The User has the option to drop those trophies in a garbage can if they want. If the team you are the owner of or a GM of, disbands before those trophies are handed out, you will not receive one. If you are a GM and get booted off the team before trophies are handed out, you will not receive one. That's all I know. I hope that helps.
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Last Online: Feb 28, 2021 21:10:38
Hey Kiollk. Have you tried clicking the 'Trophies' tab just below the trophy case? It allows you to choose which ones you want to display in the case. Default is generally newest to oldest with the most recent showing in the case. There's even a trashcan to throw away anything you don't wanna keep but be sure you don't want it because it's a permanent removal thing.
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Last Online: Feb 28, 2021 18:02:44
hmmmmm.....I clicked the tab you were talking about Wizzago, and it still only shows the Season 30 Beta Supporter trophy. Maybe somewhere during one of my short returns from a hiatus I purged my trophies....LOL

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Last Online: Mar 1, 2021 07:16:59
Wanna touch it?

Last Online: Feb 26, 2021 16:58:20
You have to participate to receive a trophy.
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