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Last Online: Sep 20, 2021 20:58:03
So as I noted in the forum this is the most inappropriately named league in perhaps GLB history. No one is interested in peace the classic meaning of the Dove and in fact seems quite inclined to the opposite. We've got Gallic Legion, Hoplites from Atlantis,Roman Centurions, 2 Different Bears, A Black Dragon Fight Club, Soul Steelers, An infant with a gun, Gazelle hunting Cheetahs the Boyz, and some pirates calling themselves Raiders from Sin City Las Vegas - not exactly a crew you invite to your world peace conference.

Alpha Division.
Last time These Guys (who have folded) took the division on tie-breakers with Atlantis both going 12-2 and splitting the season series at 1 game a piece. Then took out These Guys in the openinig round of the playoffs to win the rubber match. So does Atlantis inherit the title - not so fast my friend there is another strong contender here.

Atlantis Golden Hoplites (12-2) - Atlantis changed QBs in the offseason pulling in Flavius Odacer of the folded Jolly Rogers along with several other players I imagine the chem will take them some time to rebuild even with high contracts. Still its a proven team with a proven system and a whoole lot of depth we'll have to see if that depth continues to pay off late in games as it did last year.

Black Dragon Fight Club (11-3) No team got better over the 2nd half of the season than BDFC, while they lost their rematch games with Atlantis and These Guys (ultimately costing them a playoff spot - along with Gamma's automatic bid) BDFC and K-Money's crew came on strong. No doubt they have their eyes set on the divisional prize (and more) this season with their hammer the ball then throw it deep mentality. That's why they are my wild card pick this time around. Fun Fact they are the last team on GLB to have beaten the Gallic Legion and the only team still alive with a winning record(1-0) against them. The Legion circling April 14th on their calendar not for the tax man but for the rematch.

Young Guns 6-8 Hayrow hath no human players just infants with Guns. I'm sure he's got some vetted playbooks but that's not going to get it done.

Dallas Boyz 2-12 This roster is an absolute MESS. For one its sophomore ball now stop signing rookie plays - also there are 2 sides to the game almost all of their players are offensive and they have enough WRs for 2 teams but not enough offensive lineman for 1. Guessing some of those receivers are secretely backup defensive lineman. Also placing your starting QB on a low contract is only a good idea if your team is built around...wait come to think of it it's never a good idea. I'm guessing Black Dragon and Atlantis both known for rushing attacks have to be thinking it's their birthday twice a season now.

Beta Divsion
Began last season as interesting with the Raiders and Gallic Legion then Nassau joining the race - but twas not to be as the Gallic Legion swept league play 6-0.

16th Gallic Legion 13-1 So the Gallic Legion despite being #2 in the ladder and league champs made huge moves in the offseason re-aligning their team with some long term (they hope) moves, 16 Players out 16 Players in - that's a whole lot of chemistry to resolve before what they hope is the machine gets going. That said no way I'm picking against myself and based on past performance shouldn't be.

Sokia Beasts 8-6 All right leowulf this pick is making me nervous I'm putting you guys down for a winning record this season. I'm a buyer on the longer term imrpvoement here but make sure you know what you are doing and learning lessons. Find some time do some recruiting and fill out that roster, I'm sure the Boyz can loan you another receiver.

Chicago Cheetahs 6-8 This is kinda a default pick since I have no idea what to expect here. They have no human players so that is something more than a little concerning.

Las Vegas Raiders 2-12 These guys took a run at being Xars last season with Big I TE Crosses maxed, that was all they seemed to have had and have thrown down the controller it's a team with no QB or FB at the moment. The default play settings may carry them against other CPU teams and gut jobs but that'll be it.

Gamma Divsion
This Division was won at 4-9-1 last season by the now folded Vil Gators. Guys it is possible to have a winning record and get into the playoffs it has happened before.

Roman Centurions 10-4 I'm buying Zoey's team here not because of the Roman thing or because I actually buy it but because they have a full roster and actually played decent defense last season all things considered. All she needs to do is hold that defense together I count 5 wins in division and 5 wins without.

Los Angeles Bears 7-7 Not sure why I'm picking Cyber Ninja's team to do better than last season outside of a superstar HB and the general dysfunction of the other teams in this league.

Huntsville SoulSteeelers 4-12 Seriously stop signing rookie players to sophomore league teams - it's not a good sign. I so want to root for them I love horizontal passing teams ....but come on man! Put your team in a position to succeed (oh and sign a kicker while you are at it).

Memphis Grizzles 3-11 Sack Food for the rest of us.

League Title Game: Still calling for a Gallic Legion vs. Atlantis Golden Hoplites rematch - yeah I'm a homer.

Last Online: Sep 20, 2021 20:58:03
Alright -

Playoff Scenarios
Alpha Division
This is Atlantis - 3. Atlantis has to beat Black Dragon and do so by 3 or more points. Black Dragon won the 1st matchup on a 4th and 85 play that opened week 1 with a bang...will they close Week 14 with a similar effect.

Beta Division
Gallic Legion is in and has clinched. Hosts the "loser" of the Atlantis vs. Black Dragon game in round 1.

Gamma Division.

Hip-hop-hooray thanks to today's action , baring a week 14 tie the winner of this division will have a .500 record and play the "winner" of the Atlantis vs. Black Dragon game. It's Centurions vs. Soul STeelers - winner goes on loser goes home..playoffs start a week early.

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