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Last Online: Sep 20, 2021 21:33:52
Do DT's need speed and quickness? If so, how much? Seems like they just need to be able to fight off interior O-lineman to stuff runs.

Last Online: Sep 20, 2021 23:21:13
Depends on what you use them for. Pass Rushing...yes. Run High Pass Rush power, quickness, footwork and speed + Tunnel Vision is pretty deadly. I think quickness is the most important physical skill for a pass rushing DL.
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Last Online: Sep 21, 2021 04:26:44
Yeah if you want production in pass rushing you want to have at least 45 sprint, higher much preferred You can't have too much. Quickness should be taken as high as the build allows, even up to about 10-25 over sprint if you want - it becomes a lot less valuable the further you go above sprinting though. It still has value all the way to 100 even with sprint at 10, but it doesn't matter how fast you accelerate if you can't even move at a decent tick.

You don't have to invest much in sprint as a run stopper, 25 is fine 35 is better. Just get yourself the quickness to keep engaging rapidly and some footwork to help you get around blocks and adjust on the ball-carrier when you break loose to make the tackle.
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Last Online: Sep 20, 2021 21:33:52

This was helpful.

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