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Last Online: Jun 25, 2022 17:39:20
Good morning! (or evening, depending on when you read this)

Something occurred to me today that though we're often giving out advice on builds at GLB2Academy:

Something that new players can lose in these discussions are two main points. Why we make the decisions we make - and perhaps more importantly, WHEN we make those decisions.

I could give all my final builds to a newer coach - but if they don't know how to fill out the build and when, they might not find success right away even if the builds will perform ultimately fine at Vet. The journey matters as much as the destination after all.

So I decided I would start doing deep dives into a particular build archetype once a week - maybe more if I get bored - and talk about the archetype, why we go for certain stats and show the growth of the player throughout his career.

A quick disclaimer is of course, that these are just my opinions and while I've found success building my way that it may not be for everyone and others may find just as much success or more doing it their own way instead. But for those looking for a starting point, this is it.

Criticisms of the build and alternatives are welcome below!

The Sell

So with that out of the way - let's look at the final build we'll be diving into today. A compromise made between Raid and myself at DT for a player on Tcejorp S'diar.

So let's talk about the star of the post:

One of the stipulations that Raid wanted out of this build was no paid Cap Boosts. He wasn't sure how Tcejorp S'Diar would perform at Vet and didn't want people spending excess Flex on a team that might reset early. I think for a first time owner this is a good rule to follow and the above build does so.

Another stipulation is that the DT needed to be a catch all - not a specialist on either side of the ball. I think the above build has performed very admirably in that role and is a great option for coaches who want a DT who is going to perform reasonably well across the board.

Finally, the last stipulation was that the build needed to be reasonably cheap. With only paying for Natural which provides such great value - Our DT puts out a very good performance to cost balance and can allow a team to field several of the build without breaking the bank.


Keypoints of this particular Archetype is the 75/40 in both Pass Rush Technique and Pass Rush Power - and the same in Break Run Block and Hold Ground.
60+ Snap Reaction in conjunction with 75+ Balance allows for a solid start off the line and gives us a good chance to win early blocking interactions. 65+ Blitz Awareness helps us spot incoming rushers and make the adjustments needed to give us our best chance to disengage the block and make a tackle.
Finally, 60+ Footwork powers our two signature SAs: Spin Cycle and Shed Block.

Level 5
So let's get into the leveling segments of this build. Here's our DT at level 5.

Early on our number one priority is winning Pass Blocking interactions. In general, passing is much much stronger than inside running in Rookie and you should find that even with your comparitively low Run Blocking skills you'll perform fine.

Our goal throughout Rookie is to improve our Pass Rush Technique, Pass Rush Power, Defensive Consistency, Quickness, Sprinting and Footwork. We need Physical ability to supplement our other abilities, especially come Sophomore.

Here is an example of how the build could look come Playoffs time in Rookie:

Level 10

Our goal in level 10 is to begin to get ourselves set to benefit from Gold Spin Cycle at level 13. this means improving our Snap Reaction and Footwork - while making sure that our Run Blocking and Conditioning and Toughness don't lag too far behind.
The run is finally dangerous on the inside here in Sophomore and we need to be ready for it by playoffs.

Here we are at the big moment, Level 13 and Gold Spin:

And how we might look around playoffs:

Level 15

Our goal at level 15 is to get our Conditioning ready for increased intensity of play - especially as now opponents Olines can begin to severely overtake us in terms of Run Blocking. And thus the majority of this Tier will be spent making our Run defense more stout.

We're going to do that by continuing to gain Balance, Hold Ground, Break Run Blocking and Blitz Awareness.

By level 19 we'll look something like this:

Level 20

We finish out our Blitz Awareness and get a bit more Conditioning and Balance. QBs and WRs are starting to really pick up the speed by this point and that means we need to be faster too. We're going to spend most of Pro getting our Physicals to their end point to stay relevant against the Pass.

By level 24 we'd look something like this:

Level 25

We finish our Run Stopping, get better at Tackling and increase our Pursuit alongside finishing up our Conditioning.


I hope this write up shed some light on this particular Archetype and fosters some discussion around the build and how it can improve - and other ways to build throughout its career. Hoping this helps someone!
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Last Online: Jun 25, 2022 21:36:54
Well done.

The fox knows many tricks. The hedgehog knows one good one.

Last Online: Jun 25, 2022 21:02:01
Excellent! Even though I've had a team for ten seasons I've only ever built players from each position, basically, once for the Waterboys one and only run up to Vet.

I'll be very interested in your breakdowns as I have a lot to learn for player builds. Thanks in advance for doing this.

Last Online: Jun 25, 2022 17:05:31
YAS! This is exactly what the community needs. Great insight and a great guide by great coaches of the game.

Last Online: Jun 25, 2022 20:59:38
This is very well done. I hope you keep them coming! New players can really benefit from these.

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